Beyonce’s Super Bowl Hair Secrets – Get the Look.

Beyoncé looked seriously hot for her half time super bowl performance, Queen Bey looked better than ever with her gorgeous, voluminous mermaid waves. It wasn’t just her performance that was on point, her hair and make was up there too.

  Get Beyoncé’s bombshell hair:    

The key to Bey’s long, mermaid waves is volume, and she had  A LOT of it. If you want to try the look ; You will need start by towel drying wet hair. This will rough up the cuticle to create a textured base for styling. The next step is to apply a volumizing mousse throughout your hair. Use a diffuser to dry hair and scrunch as you go to encourage more volume. This is where your Downtown Doll hair extensions come in ( – for ultimate volume you will need our 215g set) attach them to your hair and damp them down slightly. Dry them using the diffuser like you previously did with your natural hair. Once the hair is completely dry, use a curling wand to add waves. Go through your entire head and curl 1-inch sections from tip to root. Be sure to hold for at least 30 seconds before releasing the hair to ensure gorgous curls. Once every strand is curled, turn your head upside down and rough up your hair to give it that bombshell quality – & voila you’ll have bombshell Bey hair!

            If you havent seen it already, you should definately check out the half time show:

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