Kardashian hair in 10 easy steps…

Kim Kardashian’s most famous, er, asset may not be her thick head of hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the envy of those of us longing for beautiful  back-curled tresses.  Which she often wears with a middle parting or swooping side fringe. With the right tools, time and extensions, you can recreate this look and make it yours.



Things You’ll Need

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Downtown Doll Clip-in hair extensions.
  • Hairspray


Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite products, then blow the hair dry.

Step 2: Make a horseshoe-shaped part around the crown of your head. Clamp the hair above that section up and out of the way.

Step 3: Clip in your Downtown Doll hair extensions (www.downtowndoll.com/extensions) leaving your previously clipped up section so that when you let it down it will cover the extensions ‘seams’

Step 4: Lightly mist heat protectant near your roots and all of the way to ends. This protects your hair from burns that may occur from a hot iron.

Step 5: take a small section of your hair, starting at the nape of your neck and clip the rest of your hair up and out of the way.

Step 6: Grab a small piece of hair at the end. Clamp the curling iron on it and turn the iron until the length of the hair is wrapped. Spritz with hairspray if desired. Hold for 10 seconds and release.

Step 7:  Continue with the rest of loose hair. Let higher layers down from the clips as you go. Turn the iron back — Kardashian curls hair away from the face. Continue this process until you reach the top of your head, near your fringe.

Step 8: Section out your fringe and slightly curl each section of hair underneath. Part your hair in the direction that you want it to flow Kim usually wears a side fringe or a middle parting.

Step 9: Rub a small amount of shine serum on your bang and comb or brush down any fly away hairs to achieve a polished look (not too much – you don’t want it to look greasy!)

Step 10:  Separate the curls with your fingers and lock your style into place with hairspray.