Simple Steps To Flawless Foundation

Long day at the office? Full day of meetings? Going out? Going out, out? – Wherever we go all we want is for our makeup to stand the test of time and make it through.


Make sure you exfoliate! - Exfoliating is the name of the game. If your skin is dry and flaky, your makeup will be too. Use a gentle exfoliator a couple of times a week to keep your skin smooth and supple.

Moisturize: Use a light moisturizer. While hydrating the skin is absolutely essential, keeping it light will help keep makeup in place. Forgo thick and heavy creams for a light daily moisturizer ( Make sure to let it soak in before applying makeup!)

 Simple steps to flawless foundation

Less is more when it comes to your base – it keeps things natural. ‘Always start with a small amount of foundation and build coverage gradually as desired.

Step 1:

Primer – Foundation primers even out your skin tone, help your makeup stay on longer and absorb oil with salicylic acid.  They also ease the application of foundation. My foundation goes on so much easier since I started using a primer!

Step 2:

‘Dot a little product onto your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.’

Step 3:

‘Then, using your fingers or a foundation brush, blend outwards towards your hairline.’

The right tool - Use a rounded foundation brush to smooth your product into hard-to- reach areas such as around the nose.

Concealer – the facts

‘To hide blemishes without drawing attention to them, first tilt your head down and look up into a mirror to signpost where you need to conceal,’ advises Jane. ‘Once you’ve applied your product, pat gently and blend out a little.’

 Finishing touches:  clever contouring

‘Blush, bronzer and highlighter give your skin and bone structure more polish and dimension. Go lightly, building up layers of colour and shadow slowly.

‘If you have a wide face, bronzer can contour the cheekbones and temples to create a more elongated appearance. If your face is long, sweep it around the perimeters, across the cheeks and over the bridge of the nose. But don’t choose a shade that’s too dark – go with a satin or semi-matte pressed powder bronzer that matches the skin of your body.’

Now all you need is hot hair…